Study visit with EuroHealthNet about active and healthy ageing

01. 12. 2016
The study visit provided the opportunity to understand the opportunities and challenges experienced by stakeholders working on healthy and active ageing initiatives in the social context across Slovenia. These approaches have international significance and have received EU co-funding for collaborative work.

In July (4 th- 7 th)2016, the National Institute of Public Health in Slovenia co-organised the study visit with EuroHealthNet. It enabled meetings with key social sector organisations and representatives of the Prime Minister’s office plus relevant ministries. The Last day of the study visit was organized as a joint conference of the EuroHealthNet, NIPH, MoH and the WHO Europe Regions for Health Network, as a shared event dedicated to 30th anniversary of the WHO Ottawa charter. The conference was at the same time the introduction to the WHO ‘Summer school on advocacy and translation of evidence for different audiences on inter-sectoral action for health equity and well-being’. The event was presented on the WHO website as “Joint event of EuroHealthNet Study visit, WHO Summer School and has added value with the aim of networking, sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices among different networks and institutions.”