Boosting Innovation and Cooperation in European Cancer Control: key findings from the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer

This publication presents the key outcomes of the work in the framework of the European Partnership. The approach of the Partnership is to bring together European stakeholders with a common aim and commitment to reduce cancer, focusing on actions that can be taken at EU level. In three years, with around 140 partners from across Europe, a considerable amount of work has been completed, covering a broad range of activities – from health promotion and cancer prevention to cancer related health care, from screening to research.

European Guide for Quality National Cancer Control Programmes

In the framework of the EU co-funded project Joint Action EPAAC, one of the activities was dedicated to the production of a document that would serve as a guide to member states in shaping their future cancer planning or/and cancer control activities. The result of these efforts is the present document, which we hope will be a living document in line with the needs of all member states and the EU as a whole.